Renting Price

During summertime:

  • 990 euro / mon – sun, weeks 25-34
  • 790 euro / mon -sun
  • 390 euro / fri – sun
  • 490 euro / thurs – sun

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When you do the cabin reservation you pay 25% of the price within two days. We will write Agreements for the rental of cottage. The rest is paid two weeks before arrival. The cottage is booked when you have paid the whole rent.

If you are forced to cancel the cottage reservation
– One month before, you get 25% back from the price
– The cancellation two weeks before the reserved time you get 15% back

  • One week before the landlord retains the deposit

Tenant shall not, without permission assign tenancy or lease the property to someone else. The cabin may be used by 4 + 2 people. For people in addition to this number, we will charge 25 euros/person/day.

For further questions, contact Lotta!